Water Damage Restoration in Austin TX

Austin Water Damage

Austin water damage is almost always an unexpected incident. Whether it is your home or your business, water damage can occur, and it is nearly still an unfortunate surprise. It happens even in the most unexpected places. For most of us, it occurs when a where you least expect it. There are a variety of types of water damage; they are classified into three different categories, depending on their potential to be harmful.

Types Of Water Damage

In general, water damage includes any damage to property caused by the water leaking from broken pipes, roof leaks or a natural disaster. The water can come from frozen and burst pipes, overflow from a washing machine, plumbing leaks, and flooding. Regardless of the type of water damage that you have, you will need experts in repairing water damage. Professional water damage restoration technicians at ATEX are trained and experienced in providing this service with decades of combined team experience.

The Situation Calls Immediate Action

Water Damage AustinThe Environmental Protection Agency articulates clearly – “Stop the water leak quickly and begin restoration during the first 24 hours. It is important to the areas and items affected dried out within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold growth”. Though some individuals and business owners will attempt to save time and money by trying to handle a water damage situation on their own, this can be a big mistake. Someone doing this on their own might not have the expertise or equipment necessary to handle the situation, or worse, they might make the damage worse. It is best to call in a professional water damage contractor as soon as possible.

You Need Professional Help

Water damage restoration is a very specialized field that involves knowing how to stop bacteria from spreading, preventing mold growth, and secondary damage. These technicians can keep the structure and all its contents from further damage, and most importantly, keep individuals and families safe from harm. Professional contractors, use protective measures, specialized equipment, and specific engineering controls to protect themselves, you, your family, and your property.

The Drying Needs To Begin As Soon As Possible

Plus, there are specific steps, procedures, and precautions to take when handling emergency water damage. Water restoration for all types of emergency water damage will involve both drying and site clean up. The most effective way to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and prevent further damage is to begin the drying process right away. This is especially true for the basement and crawlspace cleanup. Mold usually requires not only humid or wet surfaces but also a food source. If there is leather, paper, building materials, or even cooking grease, with the presence of high humidity, the growth of mold is underway.

Call The Austin Experts

ATEX Water Damage Restoration is highly knowledgeable about the existence, growth, and prevention of mold proliferation. They can determine the scope of mold growth problems, assess how to dry your structure with heat and air movement, and lower the levels of humidity. More importantly, ATEX is an expert in handling water damage situations. Regardless of scope, size, and source, water damage is what they specialize in and can ensure that your family remains safe from harm.