Roofing Trends In Houston TX

Residential and Commercial

The apartments and condominiums nowadays trend toward commercial roofing systems like metal roofing, TPO roofing or EPDM roofing systems. In fact, the aspects of green roofing and solar roofing have also gained in popularity to a greater extent. Commercial roofing in Houston has many facets to its single term, and it reflects the unique characteristics that help with the maintenance of a proper atmosphere of the building interiors by ensuring the non-seepage of heat during the day and water during heavy rainfall

Metal Roofing Is Becoming More Popular

Currently, it seems more and more people prefer metal roofing as the most durable and economical choice as the materials used in metal roofing are aluminum, copper, and steel alloys. Metal roofing maintains a cool ambiance and prevents the heating up of the building interiors. Metal roofing is gaining popularity especial in the high-end residential areas of the city.

Green Roofing is Also Growing

Green Roof

A green roof is ideal for you if you want a green environment around you. The rooftop in green roofing is an underlying platform to green vegetation. The roof has a waterproofing membrane with extra layers or barriers to control the outgrowth of the plant roots. Also, the layers can also be used as an irrigation system. One can also add a pond in the middle, and it is known as living roofs. There are two types of green roofs namely intensive roofing and extensive roofing. Houston has the best companies providing suitable roofing materials.

Commercial Roofing

Among the most common roofing systems used in the commercial and business sectors, is the TPO or the Thermoplastic Olefin (Polyolefin) roofing TPO roofs are constructed of ethylene propylene rubber, and these materials are put through extreme conditions to ensure that they are damage proof. The TPO roofing materials are almost four times stronger than the other forms of roofing materials and are equally flexible to resist punctures. In length, they are 100 ft, and their width varies from 6 to 6 ½ ft. Lastly, the EPDM roofing system or the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer which is a popularly used system as a durable and flexible form of the roofing. EPDM is a weatherproof roofing system and can repel the heating effects throughout the day.